The Benefits of Water-Efficient Sprinkler Heads

The Benefits of Water-Efficient Sprinkler Heads
Are you invested in caring for your lawn and keeping it in the best possible condition? When you want your yard to look lush and well-kept, keeping up with a watering regimen is essential to your grass, garden and soil.

The Benefits of Water-Efficient Sprinkler Heads

Watering by hand with a hose might seem like the simplest option, but using a timed sprinkler system is actually better for your yard, better for your budget and easier to manage. Wondering how installing sprinklers can make your life — and your lawn — more manageable? Here are the benefits of water-efficient sprinkler systems.

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Save Time by Automating the Watering Process

Automated sprinkler systems set up around your yard will water the grass and garden in short, intermittent periods according to a timer. One of their most obvious benefits is the fact that they make lawn care simple and convenient. When you set up a timed sprinkler system, you won’t have to remember to water the lawn or worry about when or how much to water. You can go through your daily routine and enjoy the beauty of your yard without spending your time watering by hand.

Save Money on Your Water Bill With Highly Efficient Sprinkler Heads

Another benefit of water-efficient sprinkler systems is the money you’ll save on your monthly water bill. A professionally installed sprinkler system saves money by conserving water, ensuring that:

  • The sprinkler nozzles distribute water evenly
  • Your system only waters areas that need watering
  • You water your lawn in short bursts instead of long, drawn-out periods

Over time, these small changes in your watering routine will add up and bring your expenses down.

Conserve Water

Concerned about water conservation? You should be. With a growing population and individual water usage continually increasing, it’s important to look for ways to be more environmentally friendly in our everyday lifestyles. With an automatic watering system, you can reduce your environmental footprint and dramatically decrease the water usage in your household.

You can save water with a sprinkler system by:

  • Using a Low-Volume Setting: Your yard doesn’t need high-pressure irrigation to get the moisture it needs. By setting your sprinkler nozzles to a low-pressure setting, you’ll dramatically decrease your output of water.
  • Adjusting Your Timers: Your timers exist to make sure your sprinklers aren’t watering constantly. While this saves water in itself, you can further adjust your timers to match the season and your yard’s needs. During a rainy spring, for example, you don’t need your sprinklers to water as often as during a dry summer.
  • Using a Rain Sensor: When it rains, you don’t need to water your yard — so make sure your sprinklers know that. Installing a rain sensor will shut down the system when natural irrigation happens.
  • Limiting Your Watering Areas: Your grass and flowers might need watering, but your sidewalk doesn’t. To save even more water, position your sprinklers strategically around your lawn to hit the areas that need it most.

Save Water With a Sprinkler System From Nature’s Helper

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