Mid-Season Checks

Mid-Season Checks

Once your sprinkler system is installed, it should work at optimum efficiency throughout the year. This fact should be the case up until the winter, when you’ll call Nature’s Helper to winterize the system and shut it down until you call for a spring start-up in early spring. However, to maximize the benefits of your sprinkler system, we also recommend you schedule a mid-season sprinkler check-up.

Even if you’ve had sprinkler systems before, you may not have considered mid-season checkups. However, there are some excellent reasons why you should.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mid-Season Sprinkler Checks

What Are Mid-Season Sprinkler Checkups?

A mid-season sprinkler checkup for your system is a simple process that involves some of our expert sprinkler technicians coming down, inspecting and testing the system. We’ll make sure that all the sprinkler heads are in good working order, you’re still getting full coverage and your watering schedule is still optimal.

Why Is a Mid-Season Sprinkler Maintenance Check Important?

Mid-season means the summer, around June or August, when the temperature is the hottest. It’s at this time that it can be most critical for the health of your lawn for your sprinkler system to be working properly and providing good coverage to the entire area. If you have broken showerheads or a shift has resulted in some areas not getting enough water, your lawn can end up with brown patches fast.

How Do Preventative Sprinkler Maintenance and Mid-Season Checks Save Homeowners Money and Time?

A preventative check of your sprinkler system can identify any potential problems before they become big issues. A fault in your system could have a cascading effect, leading to a costly repair down the road. Preventative maintenance could identify that fault before it leads to other problems. Making sure your system is working optimally can also prevent damage to your lawn that could be costly to fix or hide.

What Are the Benefits of a Mid-Season Sprinkler Check?

In addition to saving you money and time in repairs, the mid-season check also gives us the opportunity to assess your system and potentially reconfigure it to minimize water waste, saving you more money and boosting your conservation efforts.

Scheduling a mid-season check, winterization and spring start-up right after we install your system means you can relax and never have to worry that you’re not caring for your system enough for it to function at its best all season long.

How Can I Arrange a Mid-Season Sprinkler Check?

Arranging a mid-season sprinkler check is easy. You can arrange for one of our maintenance programs right when we install your system. The program will include a mid-season check. You can also contact us to set up a mid-season check or full maintenance program at any time simply by giving us a call at (402) 334-2625 or getting in touch with us online.

Our mid-season checks and other maintenance program are geared toward your specific system and needs. It’s important to us that we ensure you always get the best result for your lawn. Contact us now!