Water, Water Everywhere…

Water, water everywhere… …but is it costing more than it should?

If you’ve started up your sprinkler system, you want to make sure you don’t have any bad heads, that your spray heads are spraying the way they’re supposed to, and that all the parts are doing what they should. If you have some bad heads, you want to replace those. You need to make sure the heads aren’t leaking, that the rotors are turning properly, and that they are adjusted correctly. There’s not much point in spraying your driveway or your house.

If you have some maintenance to do, we can help you make your system more water efficient – and you will save money. There are options for making your system water efficient, but you won’t find them in our local hardware stores or the big box stores.

Sometimes regular heads put out too much volume. Wasting that water wastes your money. You’re looking for the perfect rate of water flow. You get that with water-efficient heads and proper nozzles.

Of course, we can do this work for you. Rain Bird has some new products, some that reduce the water pressure at each head. With reduced pressure, your heads put out bigger droplets of water, and you get a minimal amount of fogging or misting – unlike what you have when the head has too much pressure. These PRS heads give you a beautiful stream of water, even though you’re using less.

Keep in mind that buying the water-efficient parts may cost a little more, but you’ll see the savings in your monthly water bill. On average, you’ll save 1,800 gallons of water a year for every rotor you replace. That’s 1,800 gallons a year – for every rotor. Trust me, you’ll see the return.

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