Sprinkler System Care

Are You Feeling Pressured?

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in sprinkler system repairs to cracked valves and manifolds in houses west of 72ndStreet, due to increased water pressure. While Omaha has always had higher water pressure, we have recently found water pressure as high as 120 to 140 psi.  Optimal water pressure for your sprinkler system is between 60- […]

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That Cold Weather is Coming….Are You Ready?

It’s been a warm October so far, but winter is on its way and it’s time to winterize your irrigation system.  It won’t be long before the temperatures will drop to 32 degrees, at least for a few hours. That’s when things start to freeze, and plastic and metal pipes start to expand and break. The […]

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We know It’s Coming, Maybe Sooner than We Think

That’s right, we all know the first hard freeze of the season is coming. We don’t know when, but with the cooler than usual weather throughout the summer, we suspect we might have an early freeze this year. The good news is that we’ve also had lots of rain this summer, so the ground still […]

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Water, Water Everywhere…

Water, water everywhere… …but is it costing more than it should? If you’ve started up your sprinkler system, you want to make sure you don’t have any bad heads, that your spray heads are spraying the way they’re supposed to, and that all the parts are doing what they should. If you have some bad […]

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Don’t Touch that Dial…

As soon as the grass starts to turn green – and sometimes even before it’s green – customers start calling to find out if they should or shouldn’t start up their sprinkler systems. As the temperatures start to get warmer, the grass is going to come up and it’s going to turn green. But it’s […]

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