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Let The Pros Fertilize Your Lawn

Want the Greenest, Lushest Lawn on the Block?

Nature’s Helper provides professional 6-step premium fertilizer program that will keep your lawn lush and green all season long.

Be the Envy of All Your Neighbors with our 6-Step Fertilizer Program

Most of the products we use are Anderson brand is the industry leader in fertilizer, providing the best selection of insecticide and fertilizer combinations, featuring:

  • Slow Release Nitrogen: By using Poly NS-54 & Fortify-n, Andersons is able to offer a product that has a more consistent release of nitrogen than its competitors.
  • Smaller Granule Size: Andersons has twice as many particles per pound, which provides improved distribution. This means uniform coverage and consistent results.

Give Your Lawn the Best with Nature’s Helper 6-Step Fertilizer Program

Step 1: Fertilizer Plus Crabgrass Preventer

  • Timing: late March
  • Contains .125 % Dimension.
  • Dimension is the active ingredient in this weed control.  It is a brand name that you may see in other products, but usually not at this concentration.
  • Spot spray weeds

Step 2: Fertilizer

  • Timing: late May to early June
  • Provides the necessary nutrients for outstanding green color and strong roots heading into summer
  • Spot spray weeds
  • If your lawn has a high infestation of weeds we will use Escalade weed-killer in this step

Step 3: Fertilizer Plus Grub Control

  • Timing:  early July
  • Active ingredient for grub control is .2% Merit
  • Controls grubs and other damaging insects while providing essential nutrients during the summer months
  • Spot spray weeds

Step 4: Fall Fertilizer

  • Timing:  late August
  • Provides the grass with needed nutrients to recover from summer stress and promote root growth
  • Contains highly-available Phosphorus to assist in seedling growth and vigor when overseeding
  • Spot spray weeds

Step 5: Fall Fertilizer

  • Timing:  late September
  • Another application of fall fertilizer for enhanced deep green color and strong roots
  • Spot spray weeds

Step 6: Winterizer

  • Timing:  early November
  • Encourages root growth and early spring green-up
  • Spot spray weeds

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Nature’s Helper’s 6-Step Fertilizer Program?

Our program is the easiest way to help ensure your lawn is in great shape all year. If you want your lawn looking great but you don’t always have time to care for it, this is the program for you.

How Does the Release of Nitrogen Help My Lawn?

Why is nitrogen so important to this fertilizer? Nitrogen is a key component in chlorophyll, the substance plants use to draw energy from the sun. It is present in a far higher concentration in plants than any other nutrient. Nitrogen is a critical component in the life and growth of grass and other plants. While we can draw nitrogen easily from the air, grass cannot, which is why it is so important to get it into the soil.

How Does This Fertilizer Program Work to Control the Weeds on My Lawn?

If you have a large weed infestation in your yard part of the fertilizer program includes treating your lawn with Escalade, a powerful weed-killer. The right Escalade formulation uses multiple herbicides to control over 240 broadleaf weeds. It works quickly and effectively along with your fertilizer to prevent a wide variety of weeds from taking over your lawn — weeds such as dandelion, bedstraw, hawkweed, thistle, sumac and many more.

Why Choose Nature’s Helper for Fertilizer? How Is This Different From Other Fertilizer Programs?

Our fertilizer program uses industry-leading Anderson’s Fertilizer, which we believe is the best fertilizer you can use on your lawn. Its slow-release nitrogen compound allows a constant flow of nitrogen to enrich the soil and feed your grass. It contains double the particles of an ordinary bag of fertilizer for better distribution, and Anderson’s fertilizer produces proven results.
Great fertilizer combined with a soil fertilization schedule designed by lawn care experts means that lawns that use the Nature’s Helper 6-step fertilizer program can be some of the lushest, healthiest lawns in all of Omaha.  

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