Commercial Services

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Commercial Services

A wide range of businesses in the Omaha metro area can take advantage of Nature’s Helper commercial sprinkler and holiday lighting services. For over 24 years, Nature’s Helper has been helping businesses and organizations in and around Omaha showcase more beautiful and engaging exterior landscapes. We offer commercial services for a wide range of institutions, including:

  • Commercial sprinkler installation for schools, like colleges, universities and corporate campuses
  • Snow and ice management for retirement homes
  • Commercial sprinkler maintenance for multi-unit residential facilities
  • And much more

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Commercial Sprinkler Services

Nature’s Helper is famous for the quality of our top-notch commercial and residential sprinkler services. We’ve been awarded Omaha Magazine’s “Best of Omaha” for sprinkler services time and time again. Check out some of our happy customers’ testimonials. We’re happy to offer the same full range of sprinkler services to businesses and organizations that we do to our residential clients. These services include:

  • Commercial sprinkler installation: We’ll come to your establishment, assess your sprinkler needs and develop a design based on our assessment. We want to find the best way to give your landscape the maximum amount of coverage at the best possible price. Once we’re sure you’re satisfied with the design, our expert technicians will quickly and efficiently install your system — usually the same day they arrive. We’ll then make sure everything is working correctly, show you how to operate the system and tell you exactly what to do if you have any problems with it.
  • Commercial sprinkler repair: If one or more of your sprinkler heads malfunctions or there’s something wrong with the pipes connecting your system, things can go downhill quickly. Our expert technicians will be over to your establishment as quickly as possible to assess the problem and fix it before your lawn suffers. Nature’s Helper provides the best lawn sprinkler repair near you.
  • Commercial sprinkler maintenance: The best way to make sure your sprinkler system is working at optimum efficiency at all times is to schedule regular maintenance. We have a number of maintenance plans we can set you up with so that you never have to worry about making sure your sprinkler system is in top shape. Our service plans include sprinkler inspections, testing, and even Spring start-ups.

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Holiday Lighting for Businesses

When the holiday season comes, you want to be sure that your business isn’t the only one on the block without festive holiday lights contributing to the community scenery. Setting up holiday lights can be a hassle, but not with Nature’s Helper. Our commercial holiday lighting services include holiday lighting:

  • Design: We’ll help you come up with a beautiful plan for lighting your establishment, from choosing the right color bulbs and specially shaped lights to figuring out how to lay it all out for maximum effect.
  • Installation: Once you’ve chosen your lights and design, we’ll set it all up in the best possible way while you focus on your business.

Snow and Ice Management

It’s highly important that you address snow and ice outside your business during the winter months. Not only can these hazards make it difficult for employees and customers to get in and out of your store, but they also create a safety issue that you’re responsible for. There’s considerable risk exposure for your business if you don’t have a safe path into and around your establishment. Nature’s Helper can handle many commercial snow and ice issues, including:

  • Plowing: You can’t sell to your customers if they can’t get to your store. Fortunately, we have powerful plows that will quickly and efficiently clear away any snow blocking the front of your establishment.
  • Shoveling: What the plow doesn’t take care of, our expert shovelers will, getting rid of all the snow right up to the door to make sure everyone has a clear path in.
  • Ice removal: The greatest danger to your establishment in the cold weather is someone slipping on ice in front of your store and becoming injured. We can remove that ice to protect your business and customers.
  • Salting: At your request, we’ll perform full salting of the area around your facility to prevent slipping.
  • Hauling: If plowing the snow to the side is not sufficient, we can haul it away.

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We service countless businesses throughout Omaha, and our customers are always extremely satisfied. To learn more about any of our services or schedule an appointment, call us at (402) 334-2625 or contact us online now.

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