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Welcome to Nature’s Helper, Omaha’s premier sprinkler company and a full-service provider of advanced irrigation systems. For more than 25 years, we’ve been helping customers throughout the region conserve water while keeping their lawns and gardens healthy.

We’re proud to offer a range of services for both residential and commercial clients. Keep exploring our website to learn more, or get in touch to speak with a representative directly.


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  • Sprinkler System Installation
  • Sprinkler Repair & Maintenance
  • Spring Sprinkler Start-Ups
  • Mid-Season Sprinkler Checks
  • Sprinkler Winterization
  • Lawn Fertilizer Program
  • Holiday Lighting

Sprinkler System Installation

As our name implies, we are nature’s helpers. We can design and install highly effective, highly efficient irrigation systems for any property. We are one of the few sprinkler companies in Omaha to have been named a Rain Bird Select Contractor offering service and support for the company’s full range of products.

We also work with other leading manufacturers to provide complete solutions for every home and every price point. We customize each lawn sprinkler system we design to your needs. We offer both conventional and drip irrigation sprinklers — and back everything with a quality guarantee. Your initial quote is always free and includes a comprehensive on-site assessment to determine your property’s unique needs.

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Sprinkler Repair & Maintenance

Whether or not we installed your sprinkler initially, we can provide full-service support to keep it working its best. We work with all sprinkler manufacturers and have an extensive inventory of parts on hand to take care of any issue. Specific services we offer include:

Start-up and winterization services ensure that freezing temperatures don’t do damage to your sprinkler system. They’re also an opportunity to perform a thorough inspection and replace any worn or damaged parts. For many properties, we also recommend at least one mid-season check to confirm your system is working properly and providing adequate coverage for your lawn. We can also provide emergency sprinkler system repairs and other services as necessary. To learn more or to have a technician dispatched to your home, call us directly.

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Spring Sprinkler Start-Ups

Starting up your sprinkler system in the spring can be a challenge after a long winter! During your spring sprinkler start-up, we will check all components of the sprinkler system to ensure it is working properly before the start of the season.

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Mid-Season Sprinkler Checks

As a part of our commitment to keeping your sprinkler system running at peak performance and conserving water, we offer mid-season sprinkler system checks during the summer to make adjustments to your watering schedule, inspect and test your sprinkler heads, and ensure your system isn’t wasting water.

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Sprinkler Winterization

Nature’s Helper is happy to offer sprinkler winterization in Omaha, NE, and surrounding areas to prepare your sprinkler system for winter. It’s very important to winterize sprinkler systems because water that sits in your pipes can freeze as it gets colder and cause pipes to burst. Our winterization process is extremely easy for you. As long as the inside drain is open and the water is off to your sprinkler system, you don’t even need to be home. We will come in and blow all the water out of your pipes with an industrial air compressor so your system will be water-free for the winter.

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Lawn Fertilizer Program

Looking to keep your lawn in great shape year round, but don’t always have the time to care for it? Our 6-step fertilizer program is perfect for you! Our fertilizer program uses The Anderson’s fertilizer to provide proper nutrients, weed and grub control so your lawn is kept lush and green — without unwanted weeds or pests. Our team will also spot spray any difficult weeds and our 6-step process ensures optimal timing for each fertilizer application. With our fertilizer program, you can sit back and relax while Nature’s Helper takes care of the rest!

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Holiday Lighting

If you’re seeking holiday lighting installation for your home, you should know Nature’s Helper offers holiday lighting services in Omaha as well. Holiday lighting can look fantastic when done right, and you definitely don’t want to be the only house on the block not to have any. Hanging holiday lighting can be a pain, and it often doesn’t come out looking like you hoped, so let us create a holiday lighting package just for you! We can adorn your home or business with beautiful themed lights in shapes like snowflakes, candy canes and more. You sit back and relax while we create a beautiful lighting display for your home for the holidays!

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Why Nature’s Helper?

Best of Omaha First Place - Lawn Irrigation and Sprinklers

An investment in training and deeply developed industry connections distinguish Nature’s Helper from other sprinkler companies in Omaha, NE, and surrounding areas. We are an Irrigation Association (IA) Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC) and an EPA WaterSense partner. We’ve also been named one of Omaha Magazine’s Best of Omaha™ companies every year since 2009.

We are proud to say that over the years we’ve earned our reputation for service, excellence, and irrigation expertise. But you don’t have to take our word for it — check out our testimonials page to read what some of our previous customers have to say about working with Nature’s Helper.

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