How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring
As the first thing you see through your window every morning and the part of your property guests will observe before ever going inside, your lawn is essential to the condition of your home as a whole. You want to keep your grass, garden and yard healthy and attractive — but like any living, breathing thing, your lawn needs a little help to survive and thrive.

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

When spring comes back into bloom, so does your yard — so how can you care for it properly to keep it lush and lovely? From preparing your lawn for spring to keeping it healthy all season, here are our best tips on spring lawn care.

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Tips for Preparing Your Lawn for Spring

To properly prepare your lawn to look its best in the spring, you need to take care of it in the winter. Throughout the cold months and before spring blooms, make sure to:

  • Keep your grass short to avoid attracting burrowing animals
  • Keep your yard clean and free of debris
  • Avoid wearing down the grass with too much foot traffic
  • Take care of your lawn equipment so it will be in good shape when spring comes

How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy in the Spring

When the first signs of spring start appearing, it’s time to start rejuvenating your lawn to make sure it’s green and nourished for the upcoming summer. To help your front and back yard grow to their fullest potential, follow these tips for healthy lawn care:

  • Clear away any debris or leaves you might have overlooked during the winter, so your yard is clean. A clear lawn is more receptive to sunlight, water and nutrients in every corner.
  • Test your soil to see if it’s in the healthy pH range, which is about 6.5. If your pH isn’t in this neutral range, nourish your soil with the right nutrients to make sure it’s at its best.
  • Trim the edges of your lawn and dethatch before you start mowing. Ridding your yard of excess growth makes sure it doesn’t retain an unhealthy amount of moisture throughout the season.
  • Use some friendly fertilizer to lend your lawn some extra nutrients — just don’t overdo it. If you use protective chemicals, make sure you administer them safely and according to specific procedures.
  • Start up your sprinkler system carefully to avoid damage from sudden water pressure.

Common Lawn Issues in the Spring

Over the dry winter, it’s common for your lawn to develop areas of overgrown thatch, which prevent your grass from growing. You may also experience mushroom growth from the cool, moist environment in early spring. Aerating and dethatching your lawn when the spring season starts will help you avoid these issues and keep your yard healthy.

How to Know When to Turn on Your Sprinkler System

Wondering what the right time is to start using your sprinkler system again? To avoid freezing valves but still provide your plants with the water they need, choose to start up your system sometime between early April and late May. The later you begin, the less chance of freezing — but the best time depends on the weather and your lawn needs.

When to Call a Professional for Help With Your Lawn

If you’re experiencing issues with weeds, dryness or disease when spring comes around, contacting an expert is the best way to make sure your lawn is healthy for the spring. Start early by contacting Nature’s Helper — Omaha’s expert in sprinkler systems, aeration and other lawn care needs. With more than 20 years of experience, we’re dedicated to restoring and replenishing your lawn — so it stays healthy all year long.

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