Where Does the Water Go?

There’s an Unlimited Supply of Water… Right?

While we tend to think that water is in an unlimited supply since it covers approximately 70% of the earth’s surface, only 1% of the world’s water is fresh water. Of that 1% only 21% is used for municipal purposes (your drinking water). That’s why Nature’s Helper installs water-efficient Rain Bird sprinkler systems and sprinkler heads and accessories to help conserve the water we have. Currently, the US is one the largest consumers of water in the world. On average, the US uses 152 gallons PER PERSON every day. And as the world’s population grows, that means there’s less water to share. According to studies, by 2025, more than 5.3 BILLION people worldwide will suffer from water shortages.

So Is Watering My Lawn Wasting Water?

It’s important to maintain our green spaces because they provide huge environmental benefits including helping to regulate air quality and climate. In urban areas, green spaces can counter the warming effects of paved surfaces.


Water Conservation for a Growing World Infographic