Who Said Holiday Lights were just for Christmas?

Year-Round Holiday Light Decoration Ideas
Many of us associate outdoor lighting with Christmas, but the holidays are not the only time you can dazzle your property. In fact, there are plenty of ways you can keep the sparkle on your property all year long. Just consider these outdoor lighting ideas:

    • Entice the Easter Bunny with Easter lights. Easter lights in the shape of bunnies, Easter eggs and chickens can add some fun to Easter egg hunts and can add some extra springtime color to your yard.
    • Set the mood for romance on Valentine’s Day. Strings of lights outside or lit-up hearts can help you declare your love or set the stage for a romantic dinner or even a proposal

Halloween Witch Holiday Lights

  • Creep out guests with Halloween decorations. A lighted monster on a broom or spooky lit-up ghosts can greet trick-or-treaters and provide a whole month of terrifying fun. A few well-placed lights and decorations can put you in the mood for treats and monster films.
  • Make a stand for your patriotism. Why wait for fireworks on July 4th? You can light up your whole yard with red, white and blue. It’s an especially terrific idea if you want to decorate for a summer barbecue or get-together.
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Holiday LightInspire kids for back-to-school. Do you have little ones heading to school for the first time? Lights in the shape of books and apples can help ease first-day jitters and can even make it easier for the bus to find your home for pick-up. Make hitting the books something fun and festive this year!
  • Help friends find your home for Thanksgiving with a lit-up turkey. Have a big group headed to your home for a feast this year? Make your house more fun and easier to find by lighting it up with Thanksgiving-themed light decorations.

Creative Ways to Decorate a Home With Christmas Lights

If you have Christmas lights, there are many ways to make year-round holiday lighting work for your property:

  • Dine under the sparkle of lights. Do you have an outdoor dining area? Stringing lights over this area creates a show-stopping al fresco dining experience, especially if you create a patio, curtain or tent out of the lights.
  • Create a seating area. If you have lounge chairs, a swing or any area for enjoying the view in the evenings, consider lighting up these spaces with strings of lights. You’ll be able to see what you’re doing, and you can sit in the gentle glow of the lights any time you like.
  • Camp under (artificial) stars. If your children like camping in the yard, string some holiday lights over their tent. It will help them see what’s happening around them, reduce the risk of tripping and falling and let you supervise more easily. Lights can also turn an ordinary tent into a fairy-tale tent, which is perfect for make-believe.
  • Light up winter nights. Holiday lights, especially cool white lights, look dramatic and beautiful with snow, even past the holiday season.
  • Light up your paths. If you have walkways in your garden, stringing lights along them lets you see better at night and creates a beautiful, romantic glow that’s perfect for moonlight strolls!
  • Create artwork. Lights strung over a structure can create beautiful, glowing pieces of art.
  • Create an outdoor light piece. Chandeliers don’t just belong indoors! Use a twig wreath or other unusual pieces to create an outdoor lighting fixture. Just string your light fixture with lights and hang them securely above a dining area, seating area or even inside a gazebo.
  • Capture light in jars. You can catch fireflies in jars in the summer, but a more ethical — and long-lasting — solution is to place strings of lights inside mason jars. Group them together for a rustic, glowing masterpiece.

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Updated: 4/25/2019