What to Do If Mushrooms Start Growing on Your Lawn

What to Do If Mushrooms Start Growing on Your LawnUpdated: 10/28/2020

You do everything right with your lawn — landscaping, watering with a timed sprinkler system, trimming your trees, and mindfully mowing your grass. So why do those pesky mushrooms still sprout?

What to Do If Mushrooms Start Growing on Your Lawn

If you’re experiencing fungus growth in your yard, you might be wondering what it means, why it grows, and whether it can be potentially damaging. Whether you’re looking for more information or want to know how to make those mushrooms stop growing, we’re here to answer all your questions.

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What Causes Mushrooms to Grow in My Lawn?

Mushrooms are fungi that grow from microscopic spores already present in the soil. They can appear almost anywhere and spring up in various shapes — like umbrellas, puffballs, finger stems or small clusters. While fungi are essential to the environment and your garden health, they’re not necessarily something you want to see every morning when you look at your yard. So, why do mushrooms appear?

Mushrooms are actually the reproductive bodies of fungi living in a healthy network beneath the ground. When the soil is moist and full of nutrients and conditions are cool and dry, mushrooms shoot up to release more spores into the air. If your lawn is growing these unexpected guests, it’s probably because it has shady areas, high moisture or organic matter in its soil.

What Do Mushrooms Mean for My Yard?

Here’s the good news: Mushrooms mean your yard and soil are healthy. Their appearance shows that your lawn is full of organic material, and the fungi that produce them also help to provide your plants and grass with the nutrients they need. However, the mushrooms themselves can sometimes lead their own problems — both physical and cosmetic. These are a few reasons you might not want mushrooms in your yard:

  • They’re unattractive and take away from your lawn’s clean look
  • They grow too thick and can overpower your grass’s roots, turning some patches brown
  • Some varieties of mushroom are poisonous and can be dangerous to your children and pets

White and purple mushroom growing in a lawn during Autumn

How to Prevent Mushrooms Growing in My Yard

If you want to avoid mushrooms altogether, there are a few ways you can take care of your lawn to prevent their growth. Here are a few conditions you can change to minimize the appearance of mushrooms:

  • Decrease Shade: Mushrooms grow in cool, moist areas, so trim your trees and hedges to avoid excessively shady areas.
  • Aerate Your Lawn: Compacted soil means the ground in your yard retains excess moisture. If you have standing water or mushy soil in your lawn after rainfall, it might mean you have compacted soil and need to aerate your lawn. Better drainage means less moisture — and less moisture means fewer mushrooms.
  • Remove Plant and Animal Waste: Fungi grows and thrives by breaking down organic materials, so if you have old tree stumps or tree roots on your property, have them removed. Cleaning up after your dog also helps ensure there’s no extra waste for the fungi to feed on.


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How to Get Rid of Mushrooms Growing in My Yard

When mushrooms have already appeared on your property, aeration is one of the best solutions to remove them. By improving your air circulation and water penetration, you reduce the moisture, helping the mushrooms grow. If you water your lawn regularly or have a timed sprinkler system, you should also reduce the frequency with which you irrigate. To help speed up the breakdown of the mushrooms’ material, think about carefully using a nitrogen fertilizer.

Will Mushrooms Grow More If The Moisture Is Increased?

Moisture does play a role in mushroom growth. Higher moisture means more mushrooms will grow which makes sense since mushrooms are about 90% water.

Lawn being aerated by a pitchfork

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