What to Ask When Hiring an Irrigation Company

What to Ask When Hiring an Irrigation Company

It’s important to choose a reputable irrigation company before requesting services. After all, you want to feel confident that you’re getting the full value out of your investment. That means finding a company that’s skilled and experienced in their work and cares about bringing you the best results.

By asking questions before hiring a lawn sprinkler system contractor, you’ll know what to expect and have peace of mind that the results will be excellent. The following are 8 essential questions to ask when hiring an irrigation system contractor. 
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1. What Are Your Credentials?

This is an essential question to ask that most people don’t think about. The residential irrigation companies near you should have their licensing, as it’s required in the state of Nebraska, but that doesn’t mean everyone follows through with it.

Ensure the company you hire has the licensing and certifications to install and service irrigation systems near you. If a lawn sprinkler system contractor fails to get their license or update it, you risk paying for costly repairs or fines. 

At Nature’s Helper, our design and installation experts are fully trained in all the brands we install and maintain. Our owner Howard Kucera has the following certifications:

  • Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC) through the Irrigation Association (IA)
  • EPA WaterSense Partner
  • RainBird Select Contractor

Our service technicians are a highly trained and hard-working team eager to provide the best lawn care services for your needs. 

2. How Long Have You Been in the Industry?

Experience is essential when you’re searching for an irrigation company. An established contractor will know how to service specific issues and have a solid reputation. Nature’s Helper has more than 24 years of experience and has built a strong reputation for communication, dependability and quality work. 

We work hard to remain current in the industry and establish ourselves as leaders in our local region.

3. Do You Have the Right Work Permits to Install an Irrigation System?

Installing lawn sprinkler systems requires knowledge of how these landscape systems work and your area’s local laws and regulations. When hiring a contractor, ensure they’re certified to work in your area with the necessary work permits.

Without proper permitting for irrigation installation near you, you’ll likely have to pay fines later down the road. 

4. Does the Company Care as Much About Residential Customers as Commercial Customers?

Some irrigation companies provide both residential and commercial irrigation services, but that doesn’t always mean they value residential customers equally. They may be more interested in system installations and claim to provide repairs without devoting the time or resources to respond to you quickly when you need help. 

That’s why you’ll want to check the websites and online reviews of irrigation repair companies near you. You’ll find clues about how important your business will be to them. When you call them, they should be responsive and professional to show that they care about working with you and will do the best possible job to meet your needs.

5. Do You Have Any Testimonials?

With companies doing work without proper permits, you might consider asking for referrals and testimonials. Doing so is a great way to vet irrigation system contractors before hiring them.

Do You Have Any Testimonials?

Checking the online reviews and testimonials is a great way to see what past customers have to say about the potential company you’re interested in hiring. Third-party online reviews can provide unbiased and honest information from those who have worked with the company you might be considering. If the company you’re looking for isn’t looking for the homeowners’ best interest, that will show in the reviews. 

Nature’s Helper provides site testimonials so you know exactly what to expect before hiring us.

6. What Can I Expect When You Get Here?

Honesty and transparency are critical in the company you hire. If you’re getting close to deciding on your irrigation company or you’ve made the decision, you should ask the company about what to expect in the process. They should be able to walk you through what your repair will involve and all that you should know before they arrive at your house to begin work.

At Nature’s Helper, we pride ourselves on excellent communication and customer service. We see it as essential to keep you in the process and will walk you through our services every step of the way. 

7. Do You Provide Routine Service After Installation? 

A company that stands by its work is one you will want working for you. You’ll want to hire a reputable lawn sprinkler contractor who will return to maintain your irrigation system. A company that provides routine services shows that it has your best interests in mind and wants to do right by you. If a contractor is unwilling to return in the future or offer a strong warranty, that could be a red flag.

8. Is There an Advantage to Being on an Irrigation Maintenance Program? 

You’ll want to ask your potential irrigation system contractors about the unique benefits of their maintenance programs. A reputable company will have programs that can help save you money and keep your sprinkler system working its best.

Enjoy the following benefits when you sign up for sprinkler service plans with Nature’s Helper: 

  • Save you money: Our plans cover regular maintenance for a fixed cost while offering loyalty discounts on replacement parts. This also means you won’t need to worry about paying extra for emergency services.
  • Worry-free: With regular maintenance visits, you won’t need to wait for an issue to call for services. Technicians will already be on top of these needs by checking in with routine services and repairs as required. We’ll contact you when service is necessary and arrange a time that fits your schedule.
  • Proactive: Instead of waiting for a component to break, routine inspections spot issues early so technicians can take corrective action. We can also find water-wasting issues to help you save money on costly repairs and utility bills. 
  • Keep your lawn and garden healthy: A well-running sprinkler system means you’ll spend less time and money caring for your garden and lawn. We’ll give you peace of mind knowing your system is always in working order. 

9. Do You Offer Additional Services?

If you want services that go beyond your contract, ask potential irrigation system contractors if they provide them. For instance, you might want to enhance your property with fertilization, holiday lighting or other landscaping needs. Perhaps your lawn also requires aeration or overseeding. Finding a single irrigation repair service near you that also provides work on your different landscaping needs will save you time looking for others that offer that service. 

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