Think We’re Kidding about Water-Efficient Heads?

How great is it when something you have been preaching to everyone actually comes back to you….  when someone finally gets it!

I have been telling people for several years now that if they use water efficient heads, an average homeowner can save 45,000 gallons of water annually. That’s the equivalent of flushing your toilet 63 times a day for a year or filling two average-sized swimming pools.

So when I met with a loyal customer of ours who has moved into a new house and needs another sprinkler installed, I started off by explaining about the water-efficient heads, just like I always do. This technology wasn’t around when we installed his first sprinkler. He didn’t seem too interested and we moved on to other topics. He then started getting excited telling me about his new pool, until he realized how much it was going to cost him to fill up that pool. After all, it takes 22,000 gallons of water.

Of course, then I threw that figure back out at him – yeah, but I can save you over twice that much just be using water-efficient heads. You can fill up your pool TWICE for the amount of water you will be saving. Ah ha! That’s when it meant something to him. That’s when he got excited about water-efficiency.

This same week, I was bidding a “re-do” on an older but very large commercial property. A landscaper (who is a perfectly good landscaper but not an expert in sprinklers) just sold this customer on a couple hundred new sprinkler heads to re-vamp his system. However, I quickly saw the enormous benefit in using those water-efficient heads. In fact, when I ran the numbers, I saw that I can save this company at least 7.5 MILLION gallons of water annually, or approximately $16,000 on their water bill every year. Wow! He could re-coup his cost on these special heads within a short amount of time. Now that’s amazing to me.

And that why I’m so passionate about water efficiency: It saves our resources and saves money.

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