Todd Richards – Omaha

I submitted a casual request for information – no rush – via the Nature’s Helper website. Within a few hours, someone was already calling me to schedule an appointment. From that moment, I could tell that the customer service was exceptional. At the appointment, we did a quick survey of the front yard, and on the way to the back he wanted to let me know about a small patch of crab grass that he noticed when he pulled up. He gave me some “if this was my yard…” advice, then we proceeded to the back. It was not followed up with an up–sell or anything like that. He asked lots of questions, made some suggestions (some based on my questions and some based on his knowledge), and even suggested running a water spigot to the newly located garden – something nobody else had mentioned, even though it was located almost 75 feet from the house. All in all, I think Howard spent about 90 minutes at our house that day. His diagram, which he drew up while sitting in his truck, was so detailed and precise. While others gave me the “this is a typical setup” sales pitch, what I got from Howard was definitely meant for our yard. In the end, we went with Nature’s Helper, choosing them over two other local companies – one larger and one smaller. We didn’t choose them because they were the cheapest – they weren’t (although they were right in the mix). We went with Nature’s Helper because I knew from the first contact that we were going to be taken care of. Howard didn’t sell me a sprinkler system based on the brand of sprinkler – which some of the others tried to do. He didn’t try to sway me towards any particular upgrades, although they were available. He sold me on Nature’s Helper – from himself, to the wonderful people in the office, to the guys that would be doing the installation. And regardless of who I’ve dealt with so far from Nature’s Helper, I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s hard to explain Howard’s passion until you meet him and talk to him. Then you’ll get it. While we’ve only had the system for a short time, I couldn’t be more pleased with our experience. I would highly recommend (and have already) Howard and the team at Nature’s Helper!

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