SAM Sprinkler Head Check Valves

When you have a sprinkler system set up to ensure your landscape stays healthy and lush, you want it to work at maximum efficiency. In particular, you need your sprinklers to use only as much water as they need and conserve the rest for the next scheduled time. That’s why issues with leaking and pooling water around your sprinkler heads can be frustrating — it means some of your water isn’t going where it’s supposed to, and it can damage the landscape around the sprinklers. 

One crucial part of your sprinkler that can affect water use and leakage is the valve in your sprinkler head. Consider Rain Bird products, including Seal-A-Matic check valves, to get the most from your sprinkler system.

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Why Is Water Pooling Around Your Sprinkler Heads?

Are you repeatedly finding water pooling around your sprinkler heads when you check them? This may be due to a leaking sprinkler valve and low head drainage. Water-efficient sprinkler heads have plenty of benefits for your lawn.

When the sprinkler is off and the system’s pressure is low, some remaining water collects in the pipes. Even a slight elevation difference can cause low head drainage, where the water collects in the lowest point of the sprinkler system. Water can then leak out of the sprinkler heads into the surrounding ground area. If the water sputters and sprays air when you turn on your sprinkler, that probably means water is leaking out and air is replacing it in the sprinkler heads.

This pooling water can kill grass or prevent growth, create puddles of mud and cause algae or mushroom growth along the edges of nearby sidewalks or driveways. That’s why it’s important to check your sprinkler head valves and find a suitable replacement. 

How Rain Bird Seal-A-Matic Sprinkler Valves Can Help

If you’ve identified that a leaking sprinkler valve is causing your sprinkler system’s problems, Rain Bird’s Seal-A-Matic (SAM) check valves can eliminate the soggy lawn around your sprinkler heads. These valves hold back elevation pressure so that water won’t escape from the sprinkler heads. By closing when the sprinkler is off, the valve keeps water inside the sprinkler system until it’s turned back on.

The SAM check valve included in Rain Bird rotors and spray head products can help you conserve water and protect the ground you’re cultivating. Along with preventing pooling and soggy ground, the SAM check valve also cuts down on your water costs. By ensuring that your sprinkler system is using water efficiently, you’ll decrease your water bill so you can ensure you’re only paying for the water you need.

Get Your Sprinklers Checked by Nature’s Helper

At Nature’s Helper, we can help you keep your sprinklers in optimal condition. We are a Rain Bird Select Contractor and have the qualifications and expertise to check your existing valves and replace them if needed with state-of-the-art Rain Bird sprinkler valves.

Let us make sure your sprinklers are working at their peak effectiveness. To get started, reach out to us and submit a sprinkler service request form today.