Acelepryn Insecticide – The Best Grub Killer For Your Lawn

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Acelepryn Grub Control

Grub control is standard practice in most lawn care programs. In the past, an application for preventing grubs used to be an additional application charge, but over the years the cost of pest control products like Merit (imidacloprid) has drastically decreased in price due to patent expiration. If you have a lawn service that still charges an extra fee or application charge for it you should consider shopping around.

With Nature’s Helper’s Premium Lawn Care Program there’s no additional charge for grub control, it is included in the program. We use Acelepryn for our preventative program due to its safety, effectiveness and a broad spectrum of control that not only targets grubs but common surface-feeding insects like sod webworms as well.

What is Acelepryn?

Acelepryn is both a contact and systemic insecticide that can be used as preventative or early curative insect control and is safe for pollinators like honeybees. Contact insecticides are exactly what they sound like; insects that come into contact with the product perish. Systemic insecticides work differently.

These insecticides are absorbed by plants, either through the foliage, roots, or both and then are stored within the plant. When a pest like a grub or a sod-webworm feeds on the plant the insecticide is also ingested by the pest. The pest then perishes before any noticeable damage to the plant can be done.

Acelepryn Benefits

One of the many benefits of Acelepryn is the product has a very long residual life within the plant. This means:

  • The product can be applied much earlier in the season than other grub control products.
  • With an early application, Acelepryn will also control common springtime insect pests like sod webworms. This is very helpful because sod webworms are surface feeders that usually go unnoticed until they’ve already caused problems.
  • They don’t kill the grass as grubs do, they eat the leaf blades down to the crown of the plant and make the lawn look thin and brown.
  • Before Acelepryn, there was no way to prevent this problem aside from having the lawn sprayed with insecticide, which is costly and can be unnecessary if the pest isn’t present. With Acelepryn in our arsenal, however, we can prevent sod webworms in the same way we prevent grubs.
  • Another benefit, and probably the largest, is Acelepryn’s safety. It is the safest grub killer available. Pesticide labeling usually requires the use of a signal word on the label. Caution indicates the lowest level, Warning is the middle, and Danger is the highest. Acelepryn is a no-signal word product and is classified as a reduced-risk pesticide. 

What’s A Reduced Risk Pesticide?

Pesticides classified as reduced risk have a very high degree of safety including:

  • Low impact on human health
  • Lower toxicity to non-target organisms (birds, fish, plants)
  • Low potential for groundwater contamination
  • Low use rates

Products that become reduced-risk pesticides are approved by the EPA in an expedited manner because they are a much better and safer option than what is currently available. Having a reduced-risk classification speaks volumes about the safety of Acelepryn when compared to other products.

Grub Control Expert

Acelepryn is the perfect fit for Nature’s Helper’s Premium Lawn Care Program. As a company, we value the health and safety of our customers, their children, and their pets so we choose the safest product available.

We believe it’s important to consider the impact a product may have on our neighbors and our community and Acelepryn’s low use rate, low potential for groundwater contamination, and low threat level to non-target organisms (including pollinators) fits that model. Our Business has a history of promoting conservation through common-sense water savings and we apply that mindsight to our Premium Lawn Care Program by promoting safe and effective practices that deliver the results our customers want.

If you have any questions about pest control products, or you want to get signed up for the best Lawn Care Program Omaha has to offer and start on the path to a lawn you can be proud of. Contact us or call 402-334-2625 anytime.