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Are You Feeling Pressured?

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in sprinkler system repairs to cracked valves and manifolds in houses west of 72nd Street, due to increased water pressure. While Omaha has always had higher water pressure, we have recently found water pressure as high as 120 to 140 psi.  Optimal water pressure for your sprinkler system is between 60- 80 psi, so this higher water pressure is putting extraordinary pressure on your sprinkler system, thus causing the cracks and breaks. If you do have higher than normal water pressure, you’re probably not seeing it inside your home, because regulators have been added to regulate the pressure of your indoor water, however in most cases they are placed after pipes that supply water to the sprinkler system. If your sprinkler system is in need of repairs, and we suspect it might related to high water pressure, we will test your water pressure and let you know if we recommend that a regulator be installed.   Once the regulator is installed by a licensed plumber, we will make the repairs.  Please note,  if we find high water pressure and you still want us to make the repairs before you have a regulator added, a warranty won’t apply for cracks or future repairs. If you have any questions, or suspect your sprinkler system is being impacted by high water pressure, please give us a call at 402-334-2625.

Let’s add the brains to your irrigation systems

03 March 2009, by NaturesHelper Tags: , ,
As a contractor, I see myself as a partner with my customers. I can design an irrigation system – and I can make it the best irrigation system in the world or the worst you’ve ever seen. Obviously, my goal is to make your system the best your money can buy. Whether you choose a basic system or a top-of-the-line system, the design is always the same. And the key is always in the design.