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Are You Feeling Pressured?

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in sprinkler system repairs to cracked valves and manifolds in houses west of 72nd Street, due to increased water pressure. While Omaha has always had higher water pressure, we have recently found water pressure as high as 120 to 140 psi.  Optimal water pressure for your sprinkler system is between 60- 80 psi, so this higher water pressure is putting extraordinary pressure on your sprinkler system, thus causing the cracks and breaks. If you do have higher than normal water pressure, you’re probably not seeing it inside your home, because regulators have been added to regulate the pressure of your indoor water, however in most cases they are placed after pipes that supply water to the sprinkler system. If your sprinkler system is in need of repairs, and we suspect it might related to high water pressure, we will test your water pressure and let you know if we recommend that a regulator be installed.   Once the regulator is installed by a licensed plumber, we will make the repairs.  Please note,  if we find high water pressure and you still want us to make the repairs before you have a regulator added, a warranty won’t apply for cracks or future repairs. If you have any questions, or suspect your sprinkler system is being impacted by high water pressure, please give us a call at 402-334-2625.

Sprinkler Service – Anonymous

08 March 2013, by NHAdmin Tags:
"Thanks so much for getting over so quickly to resolve my problem! You don't know how much I appreciate it!"
Satisfied Customer Omaha

Sprinkler Service – Sue

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"The last two years we had the privilege of working with Howard at Nature's Helper on various projects around the home. We continue to have a high regard for Howard and his work.
...Howard was first and foremost was on time for the bid and it was obvious he genuinely cared. He spent time with us to fully understand what we wanted. Secondly, he had 5 years experience at that time and was insured with a good reputation to follow; thirdly, he came to start the project when he said he would and finished in a timely manner; finally, his estimates and charges were fair and not overpriced.
We highly recommend Howard and Nature's Helper....and we look forward to continuing business with him in the future!"
Sue Glenwood

Sprinkler Service – Ranae K.

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"I only continue to be more impressed with your company each time I work with you."
Renae K. Omaha

Sprinkler Service – Julie G.

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"Thank you for your recent help in moving some of our sprinkler heads. I appreciate how quickly you came to our house and the quality of work that you did. We had to deal with a difficult neighbor and your company made that a little less stressful with your understanding.
Thank you for a job well done!"
Julie G. Omaha

Sprinkler Service – Ken & Lisa B.

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"Nature's Helper installed a sprinkler system for us over 4 years ago. Since that time they have provided maintenance on that system. They have helped us upgrade the system as our landscaping has changed and we were very happy with their desire to help keep the changes financially reasonable. Their staff is always friendly and professional and even helped our neighbor with his sprinkler system (even though he had his system installed by another company). In these days of poor customer service and less than professional work, Nature's Helper is a wonderful exception to this rule!"
Ken and Lisa Bauer Bellevue

Sprinkler Service – Connie & Rosemary B.

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"We would like to express our appreciation for the great customer service from all of the employees at Nature's Helper with whom we have had contact. After installation, the programming was explained to me in a very thorough manner and was told not to hesitate to call the office if I had any questions. We are glad that we had the system installed as our lawn looks great now. We are also glad that we went with Nature's Helper because of the professionalism and friendliness of the Nature's Helper employees. Each time we have called the office with questions, etc. we have received excellent professional help. Take for example, this past fall we had our sprinkler system winterized. Unfortunately, I was not aware of what had to be done as my husband had always taken care of this. All I know is that the Nature's Helper employee had turned the water off. After he finished and left, I panicked as I believed I had no running water. So, I went to the basement and pushed the lever to its original position. Needless to say, I goofed. I then called Nature's Helper and spoke with Trena who assured me that I was not the first and only person to do that. She had the young man come back to my house that same afternoon to redo the job at no extra charge.
We certainly recommend Nature's Helper to others."
Connie and Rosemary Batts Omaha