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Holiday Lighting – Omaha PD

08 March 2013, by NHAdmin Tags:
"Thank you very much for your assistance with decorating the Omaha Police Department's Mounted Patrol facility during the December 2008 Omaha Holiday Lights Festival. Our participation in the festival was a huge success due in large part to your wonderful professionalism and talent.
The Mounted Patrol stable hosted several thousand visitors throughout the course of the day and the overwhelming sentiment was how beautiful and festive the barn looked with your display of holiday decorations. The Nature's Helper team of professionals were quite impressive and friendly, going out of their way to help ensure we were pleased with their work and that the entire event would be a memorable experience for everyone.
I couldn't have been more pleased with the colorful displays and hard work you provided. I very much look forward to working with all of you again during the next Omaha Holiday Lights Festival."
Sgt. Steve Cerveny Omaha Police Department Mounted Patrol

Holiday Lighting – David V.

08 March 2013, by NHAdmin Tags:
"Our lights are always perfect… It's such a great relief to know they are put up, taken down and then stored every year saving us hours of headache. I’ve always been most impressed by their attentiveness and the quickness of their response when we’ve had a question or concern. When windstorms damaged our display, they were out within a day to fix it. Thanks!"
David V. Omaha

Holiday Lighting – Nick M.

08 March 2013, by NHAdmin Tags:
"Nature’s Helper provides excellent customer service. The representatives are quick to reply to our correspondences, the installation crews are professional and clean, and they always fix things quickly when needed."
Nick M. Omaha

Holiday Lighting – Michael R.

08 March 2013, by NHAdmin Tags:
"Holiday lighting is an outward expression of the warmth found in our home, but for our large family, the lighting provided by Nature’s Helper also warms our hearts every time we turn the corner to return home. Thank you so very much for all the warmth."
Michael R Omaha

Holiday Lighting – Ken S.

08 March 2013, by NHAdmin Tags:
"Nature's Helper created a beautiful display on our home. Any issues are quickly resolved by Howard and his staff. I highly recommend them."
Ken S. Omaha

Holiday Lighting – Kristen K.

08 March 2013, by NHAdmin Tags:
"We began using Nature’s Helper in 2011 for our outdoor lighting. They have done an outstanding job. The computer simulation helped us to decide on which lights we wanted. They were able to quickly get our lights in stock and had them up by Thanksgiving. Our children are very excited to see them up again this year. They are very prompt and professional. We are glad we chose Nature's Helper." Kristen K. Omaha