Let Us Help You Get Ready for the Holidays

22 November 2010, by NaturesHelper Tags: , , ,
Remember how early winter came last year? Were you among the many people dragging your ladder through the snow and ice to get your holiday lights hung?

Who Said Holiday Lights were just for Christmas?

25 October 2010, by NaturesHelper Tags: , , ,
Outdoor lights aren’t just for Christmas anymore. Lots of people decorate their houses and yards for Halloween – and some of them do more in the fall than in the winter! If you need some help getting those decorations in place, give Nature's Helper a call. As a Brite Ideas Holiday Lights distributor, we can help you make your house as spooky as possible.

That Cold Weather is Coming….Are You Ready?

18 October 2010, by NaturesHelper Tags: , ,
It’s been a warm October so far, but winter is on its way and it’s time to winterize your irrigation system.  It won’t be long before the temperatures will drop to 32 degrees, at least for a few hours. That’s when things start to freeze, and plastic and metal pipes start to expand and break.

Get Ready to Throw Down…Some Seed

22 September 2010, by NaturesHelper Tags: , , , ,
What a year this has been. From a harsh winter to a wet spring and a hot summer, your yard has taken a beating. But you can have a healthier lawn next spring if you do a little work right now.

Don’t Panic, Spring is Coming

29 March 2010, by NaturesHelper Tags: , ,
Everyone’s yards look terrible right now. After a harsh winter, with months and months of snow packed onto our yards, the grass looks awful. And in fact, the top layer of most yards right now is dead grass. But that’s just what’s on the top.

We know It’s Coming, Maybe Sooner than We Think

09 September 2009, by NaturesHelper Tags: ,
That’s right, we all know the first hard freeze of the season is coming. We don’t know when, but with the cooler than usual weather throughout the summer, we suspect we might have an early freeze this year.
The good news is that we’ve also had lots of rain this summer, so the ground still has plenty of moisture to support late-blooming gardens, trees and, of course, the grass. The better news is that you can safely winterize your sprinkler system earlier than normal this year. Our equipment is prepped, and we’re ready to schedule appointments for winterization.

Think We’re Kidding about Water-Efficient Heads? Read This…

21 August 2009, by NaturesHelper Tags: , , ,
How great is it when something you have been preaching to everyone actually comes back to you....  when someone finally gets it!
I have been telling people for several years now that if they use water efficient heads, an average homeowner can save 45,000 gallons of water annually. That’s the equivalent of flushing your toilet 63 times a day for a year or filling two average-sized swimming pools.

Are those Mushrooms Invading My Lawn?

10 July 2009, by NaturesHelper Tags: , , ,
It’s in the soil. It grows from old tree or bush roots. It shows up when conditions include high temperatures combined with high humidity. Fungus is a fact of life.

Baby, It’s Hot Outside…

26 June 2009, by NaturesHelper Tags: ,
Even though Omaha has had a lot of rain recently, that moisture will be gone in just a few days with temperatures in the upper 90s. Now is the time to keep your lawn watered properly. Maintain your regular schedule, but if you see that your grass is starting to go dormant or the ground is getting dried out, add in a manual cycle. The easiest way to do that is to turn it on before you go to bed at night. Here’s how to tell if your grass is going dormant: If your grass is turning from a shiny green to a pale green, it is starting to get stressed.

Water, Water Everywhere…

01 June 2009, by NaturesHelper Tags: , , ,
Water, water everywhere… …but is it costing more than it should?
If you’ve started up your sprinkler system, you want to make sure you don’t have any bad heads, that your spray heads are spraying the way they’re supposed to, and that all the parts are doing what they should. If you have some bad heads, you want to replace those. You need to make sure the heads aren’t leaking, that the rotors are turning properly, and that they are adjusted correctly. There’s not much point in spraying your driveway or your house.