Are You Feeling Pressured?

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in sprinkler system repairs to cracked valves and manifolds in houses west of 72nd Street, due to increased water pressure.

While Omaha has always had higher water pressure, we have recently found water pressure as high as 120 to 140 psi.  Optimal water pressure for your sprinkler system is between 60- 80 psi, so this higher water pressure is putting extraordinary pressure on your sprinkler system, thus causing the cracks and breaks.

If you do have higher than normal water pressure, you’re probably not seeing it inside your home, because regulators have been added to regulate the pressure of your indoor water, however in most cases they are placed after pipes that supply water to the sprinkler system.

If your sprinkler system is in need of repairs, and we suspect it might related to high water pressure, we will test your water pressure and let you know if we recommend that a regulator be installed.   Once the regulator is installed by a licensed plumber, we will make the repairs.  Please note,  if we find high water pressure and you still want us to make the repairs before you have a regulator added, a warranty won’t apply for cracks or future repairs.

If you have any questions, or suspect your sprinkler system is being impacted by high water pressure, please give us a call at 402-334-2625.

To Water? or Not to Water?

Spring in Nebraska usually means the weather changes every day.  Today we might have a monsoon, and tomorrow it will be sunny with the temperature in the triple digits.  This variance can play havoc with your lawn.  It is important to keep your lawn watered consistently, but how much is too much?  Under normal conditions we suggest watering 3 times a week and you want to water for a long enough period of time to water deeply,so you encourage the  roots to go deep. If you water every day for only 10 minutes, the roots won’t grow deep and when the heat of the summer really hits, you’ll have an even harder time keeping your lawn green because of the shallow roots.

So how much time should you water on each zone?  Rotor heads, which are the ones that turn back and forth, require the most watering time. If you have rotor zones set at 30 minutes, then the spray zones should be set at 15 minutes so that both areas are receiving the same amount of water.  This will provide about a 1/3 inch of water per run time.  An inch of water a week can be adequate, if we are also getting some rain from Mother Nature. And if we get more rain than that, like we have recently, you could water even less.

However, as the seasonal hot conditions become more frequent and we see less and less rain, you may want to bump up your watering schedule up to 6 times a week to provide 2 inches of rain.  In the hot windy conditions, like in the heat of the summer,  a yard can be dry just a few days after a 1 inch rain.  In addition to variances in the weather, your watering schedule depends on plant type (type of grass or landscaping), if your yard is in the sun or shade, and even the slope of your yard.

And one more important point:  You should be watering in the early morning, usually between 3:00 and 10:00 to make sure as much of the water as possible actually gets to the grass.  There is less evaporation due to wind and heat in the early morning hours.  Also consider that you want as much water volume as possible, so don’t schedule your sprinklers to water when it will interfere with showers, laundry or other household activities that use a lot of water.

To take the guesswork out of watering your lawn, consider adding an On-site Water sensor to your sprinkler system.  With this sensor installed you can save up to 50% of your outdoor water bill.  It waters based on actual weather readings from your property. When installed, we input, among other items, the type of sprinklers in each zone, plant types, soil type and degree of slope in your yard.  Based on all this information, each zone turns on only when weather conditions warrant it.   So you can rest easy, knowing your sprinkler system isn’t watering in the middle of a thunderstorm.

If you have questions about your particular yard or need help with getting adequate water coverage on your lawn, give us a call.  We’re here to help!

What Sets Us Apart

While participating in the metro area’s home & garden shows, we get the chance to talk to many homeowners. And, as most do this time of year; many homeowners have spring fever!

We spoke about the benefits of having a sprinkler system. We also talked to plenty of folks that have systems, but want to upgrade or make repairs to their sprinklers. One question people really what to know is, “What makes you different from all the other sprinkler companies?” Our customers choose us for many various reasons, but here’s what we think sets us apart from the other irrigation contractors in town.

We install the sprinkler system that best fits your needs.
We custom design your sprinkler system based on your yard, which means we take into account your trees and landscaping and still ensure that you have head-to-head coverage. We also make sure we’re not wasting water by watering your sidewalks or your house.

We offer three different installation packages so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. All three packages have the same great design but we give you options on which components we install. You can choose to include energy-saving features such as a weather station and efficient watering heads or just the basics, but either way, it’s designed for YOUR yard and YOUR landscaping.

Nature’s Helper is Omaha’s Water-Efficiency Experts! We are dedicated to do our part to help conserve and protect our water resources. Nature’s Helper owner Howard Kucera, is one of only a few select contractors in the entire state of Nebraska that has partnered with the EPA’s WaterSense program. That means we offer our customers the latest technology and innovative products to help conserve water and save money on energy bills.

You can count on us to honor our 5-year warranty and provide service after the sale. We’ve been in business almost 14 years and we’ll be around for many more years to come. A warranty doesn’t do you any good if the company isn’t around to honor what it promised.

Our service technicians are friendly, professional and well-trained. And all of our staff is customer-focused to ensure you have a positive experience throughout the entire installation process and life of your sprinkler system.

We’re proud that for the third year in a row, we have been voted among the Best of Omaha in the Irrigation category. So give us a call and find out what the voters in Omaha already know.

Win Holiday Lighting this Season!

15 November 2011, by NaturesHelper

Just ‘Like’ us on Facebook to Win Holiday Lighting for Your Home

Working with holiday lighting has become one of our favorite times of year here at Nature’s Helper, because we get to take part in our customers’ holiday traditions. This year, you too can join in the fun with our Holiday Lighting contest.

This year, we’re going to decorate one lucky winner’s house with holiday lights. To be entered into the drawing, all you have to do is ‘like’ us on Facebook by November 30th!

So What’s the Catch?

There isn’t one. We always have extra product left after Thanksgiving that doesn’t get used. And while we have a large customer base for sprinklers and holiday lighting, our Facebook page is woefully neglected. We’d like to increase our fan base and ‘likes’ on Facebook while helping a family have a magical holiday season at the same time.

Since each home is different, once we draw the winner’s name, we’ll meet with the lucky winner to create a look that suits the home. We’ll take a digital picture of the winner’s home and using our specialized software, we’ll provide an idea of what the lights will look like once they are installed on the house.

The winner will have the choice of snowflakes or icicle linkables (or another design that we have in stock) and we’ll install up to 24 linkables, which is enough to cover an average-size home. If the house is larger, we can decorate the peaks or parts of the eves, while still creating a festive look.  We’ll also hang a 60″ lighted wreath (or other display that we have in stock, if preferred). If you already have lights up, we can add to your display to make this year an extra-special experience.

Then in January or once the weather permits, we’ll remove the lights from your home. No mess or ladders on your part. While you could certainly choose to purchase the lights at the end of the season, that is not our intent. We will simply remove the lights and hope to offer this special opportunity to another lucky winner next year!

Any house, large or small deserves lights, so go to Facebook today and ‘like’ us by November 30th.

Because of You, We are Able to Expand

22 April 2011, by NaturesHelper

Over the past couple of years, we’ve all heard about or know companies that have gone out of business. The tough economic times hit different industries in different ways. Our industry, too, has seen its share of companies unable to survive.

Spring fever is in full bloom

15 March 2011, by NaturesHelper Tags:

The first few warm days give everyone spring fever. We’re starting to see the first signs of true spring — a robin here or there, some flowers starting to poke through. The first flowers to come up will be the crocus, then the daffodils and then three waves of tulips.

With Spring comes Home and Garden Show season

02 March 2011, by NaturesHelper

Along with birds and flowers, spring beckons us with the annual Home and Garden Shows. If you’re looking to get some remodeling done or need ideas for your landscaping, these shows are a great opportunity to visit with a number of companies and to see first-hand what they might offer you.

Our Customers are the Best of Omaha

18 February 2011, by NaturesHelper

Because of you, our customers, Nature’s Helper has again been named the Best of Omaha 2011 in our business category. Thank you to each of you who voted for us —  this means more to us than you can imagine.

The irrigation category was added to the Best of Omaha competition two years ago. And we were named among the best both years. This recognition shows us the appreciation of our customers, and it shows our employees that you recognize that they are doing a great job. This is the best feedback anybody could ever give us.

Receiving this award gives us the confidence that our customers know we’re doing a professional job that meets your needs. You’ve shown us what kind of company we really are.

Thank you again for your vote of confidence. We look forward to continuing to earn your confidence and your business.

Let Us Help You Get Ready for the Holidays

22 November 2010, by NaturesHelper Tags: , , ,

Remember how early winter came last year? Were you among the many people dragging your ladder through the snow and ice to get your holiday lights hung?

Who Said Holiday Lights were just for Christmas?

25 October 2010, by NaturesHelper Tags: , , ,

Outdoor lights aren’t just for Christmas anymore. Lots of people decorate their houses and yards for Halloween – and some of them do more in the fall than in the winter! If you need some help getting those decorations in place, give Nature’s Helper a call. As a Brite Ideas Holiday Lights distributor, we can help you make your house as spooky as possible.