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Sprinkler Service – Connie & Rosemary B.

08 March 2013, by NHAdmin Tags:
"We would like to express our appreciation for the great customer service from all of the employees at Nature's Helper with whom we have had contact. After installation, the programming was explained to me in a very thorough manner and was told not to hesitate to call the office if I had any questions. We are glad that we had the system installed as our lawn looks great now. We are also glad that we went with Nature's Helper because of the professionalism and friendliness of the Nature's Helper employees. Each time we have called the office with questions, etc. we have received excellent professional help. Take for example, this past fall we had our sprinkler system winterized. Unfortunately, I was not aware of what had to be done as my husband had always taken care of this. All I know is that the Nature's Helper employee had turned the water off. After he finished and left, I panicked as I believed I had no running water. So, I went to the basement and pushed the lever to its original position. Needless to say, I goofed. I then called Nature's Helper and spoke with Trena who assured me that I was not the first and only person to do that. She had the young man come back to my house that same afternoon to redo the job at no extra charge.
We certainly recommend Nature's Helper to others."
Connie and Rosemary Batts Omaha

Sprinkler Installation – Kristopher P.

08 March 2013, by NHAdmin Tags:
"I contacted several other companies in the metro area to install a sprinkler system. Most of the other companies were here and gone within ten minutes and tried to hurry up my decision. In fact, one company I asked to view some samples of the controls and they said they don't usually show the equipment. Howard explained everything from installing the system to how to operate the system. Nature's Helper was also the only company that offered financing. I was so impressed with the service, I called the office immediately after Howard left and made arrangements for install. I have had nothing but success from the system and my lawn has never looked better!"
Kristopher Peterson Omaha

Sprinkler Installation – Emily E.

08 March 2013, by NHAdmin Tags:
Nature's Helper is an AMAZING company! From the person greeting you on the phone to the owner Howard, everyone is so accommodating, kind, and patient. I had three estimates from sprinkler companies around the city and the other two did not even come close to the price or the customer service that Nature's Helper provides. Howard sat down with me for close to 2 hours explaining EVERYTHING and answering all of my questions. Even after the installation, I still feel comfortable calling anytime with any questions regarding my sprinkler system and I know they will spend as much time as necessary to answer them all! I would recommend Nature's Helper to all of my family and friends. Thanks for the wonderful system and continued service!"
Emily E. Omaha

Sprinkler Installation – Todd R.

08 March 2013, by NHAdmin Tags:
"I submitted a casual request for information – no rush – via the Nature's Helper website. Within a few hours, someone was already calling me to schedule an appointment. From that moment, I could tell that the customer service was exceptional. At the appointment, we did a quick survey of the front yard, and on the way to the back he wanted to let me know about a small patch of crab grass that he noticed when he pulled up. He gave me some "if this was my yard…" advice, then we proceeded to the back. It was not followed up with an up–sell or anything like that. He asked lots of questions, made some suggestions (some based on my questions and some based on his knowledge), and even suggested running a water spigot to the newly located garden – something nobody else had mentioned, even though it was located almost 75 feet from the house. All in all, I think Howard spent about 90 minutes at our house that day. His diagram, which he drew up while sitting in his truck, was so detailed and precise. While others gave me the "this is a typical setup" sales pitch, what I got from Howard was definitely meant for our yard. In the end, we went with Nature's Helper, choosing them over two other local companies – one larger and one smaller. We didn't choose them because they were the cheapest – they weren't (although they were right in the mix). We went with Nature's Helper because I knew from the first contact that we were going to be taken care of. Howard didn't sell me a sprinkler system based on the brand of sprinkler – which some of the others tried to do. He didn't try to sway me towards any particular upgrades, although they were available. He sold me on Nature's Helper – from himself, to the wonderful people in the office, to the guys that would be doing the installation. And regardless of who I've dealt with so far from Nature's Helper, I couldn't be more pleased. It's hard to explain Howard's passion until you meet him and talk to him. Then you'll get it. While we've only had the system for a short time, I couldn't be more pleased with our experience. I would highly recommend (and have already) Howard and the team at Nature's Helper!"
Todd Richards Omaha

Sprinkler Installation – Mike L.

08 March 2013, by NHAdmin Tags:
"Your technicians have been unbelievably thorough and friendly – the main reason I wanted to make sure you received our repeat business. Thank you for your kindness and helpfulness. I am very happy with the personalized and professional service that you offer."
Mike L. Omaha

Sprinkler Installation – Chip M.

08 March 2013, by NHAdmin Tags:
"I've been working with Howard and his team for three years now and couldn't be happier. The office staff is friendly every time I call, the repair people are professional and take time to answer all of my questions, and Howard never leaves until I am comfortable with our next plan of action. In addition, the newsletter they send out is informative and they do their best in giving us money-saving tips. I couldn't be happier with their whole team."
Chip Morris Omaha

Sprinkler Installation – Tim W.

08 March 2013, by NHAdmin Tags:
"I highly recommend Nature's Helper. We completely re-did our yard last year and decided to get a sprinkler system to go with it. We got bids from several contractors and were sold by Nature's Helper. Howard really impressed us. He was friendly, personable, and spent great time going over various options we could do for our yard. He took care and was very thorough in explaining the entire process. We felt that we were really given special attention. We continue to do business with Nature's Helper for ongoing care and maintenance including the Winter preparation. The entire staff is friendly and have been very awesome in going out of their way to assist us. Even when MUD showed up to do maintenance in the yard, Nature's Helper was ready to work with us and walked us through steps that helped prevent damage to our system. We get a lot of compliments on our yard and have been told we have the greenest lawn on the block. We credit that to our sprinkler system. Thank you Nature's Helper for your A-1 service!"
Tim W. Omaha

Sprinkler Installation – Tom & Rhonda M.

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"I can't put in to words how happy we are with the sprinkler system you installed. For the first few weeks we would sit on the patio, during 100° temps and watch it doing its job of keeping our lawn totally green during all this heat! As I read on the testimonials before had ours installed, Howard did in fact take the time to explain the what's, how's, when's, and why's of the sprinkler system. The installation went smooth, and the lawn stayed green through one of the worst droughts in Nebraska's history. I only have one regret... I should have done this many years ago."
Tom & Rhonda Mascarelloa Bellevue

Holiday Lighting – David V.

08 March 2013, by NHAdmin Tags:
"Our lights are always perfect… It's such a great relief to know they are put up, taken down and then stored every year saving us hours of headache. I’ve always been most impressed by their attentiveness and the quickness of their response when we’ve had a question or concern. When windstorms damaged our display, they were out within a day to fix it. Thanks!"
David V. Omaha

Holiday Lighting – Nick M.

08 March 2013, by NHAdmin Tags:
"Nature’s Helper provides excellent customer service. The representatives are quick to reply to our correspondences, the installation crews are professional and clean, and they always fix things quickly when needed."
Nick M. Omaha